VTech-Snom Channel Partner Program

We’ve created the VTech-Snom Channel Partner Program to support partners selling Snom Americas products. Please use this guide as a reference tool to better understand the program.


Rooted in a channel first strategy, the program:



What’s in it for Partners?  

The Snom Partner Program provides partners access to rewards, recognition, and sales aids to support winning more deals with Snom products. As partners increase their investment and commitment to Snom, they can receive additional rewards, offers, and benefits. The framework of the Snom Partner program is simple, easy, and valuable.
The program supports partners with these great benefits:

Snom offers products in the following business categories:


To become an authorized Channel Partner, please read and complete the following policies and forms

Policies (click on links below)


Forms (click on links below)


Email completed MAP Acceptance Form to: authorizedchannelpartner_request@vtechphones.com



For Service Providers, contact Korey Kather, Inside Sales Account Manager, at: kkather@vtechphones.com or 503-596-1330 

For Resellers/VARS, contact Sarah Boucher, Inside Sales Account Manager, at: sarah.boucher@snom.com or 339-227-6179
For Canada (Service Providers, Resellers/Vars), contact Antoine Karachekhlian, Channel Sales Manager, at: antoinekarachekhlian@vtech.ca or 514-867-4318